stupid horse

Series of photos inspired by the song "stupid horse" by 100 gecs.

a letter to future maggie

Exploring my family's culture and ethnic identity, while also discovering and establishing my own identity. A back and forth between past and present.

the life of mom

A photo series about the back-and-forth multitasking of parenthood, as well as the feelings of confinement and frustration I see in my mother. 

balloons in a box

Fun photos with my little brother and his balloons!

wai po 

Photo narrative dedicated to my grandma ("wai po" in Chinese). Because she doesn't live with us anymore, I chose to photograph the small things that she left behind. She was very structured and organized (demonstrated through the repetition), however, that always came into tension with my family's unorganized lifestyle. The oranges serve as a metaphor, not only as an "unraveling" of my grandma's attempts to keep our house tidy and clean, but also as a "peeling back the layers" as you learn more about my grandma through this photo story.