i painted a skateboard deck.

Portraying a Historic Decade

Course: Design I: Elements and Organization @ SCAD Rising Star Program (Summer 2018)


We were tasked with creating a skateboard design that characterizes the culture of a historic decade. I chose the 1970s China during the end of the Cultural Revolution (1976)

concept + theme

The Cultural Revolution in China was a chaotic mass movement that Mao Zedong launched in 1966, claiming that elitists were undermining the government and Chinese society. Millions of young radicals who formed the paramilitary Red Guards shut down schools, destroyed religious and cultural relics, and killed intellectuals and party elites believed to be anti-revolutionaries. A cult of personality grew around Mao as millions of copies of the “Little Red Book” were forced to be read by those in need

of “re-education.”


My skateboard is of the uniform of a Red Guard during the Revolution. I used a geometric design with clean and crisp edges to imitate the rigidity and militaristic mindset during the time period. The signature colors of the uniform were neutral greens and reds, however, I chose to use brighter colors to demonstrate the time period of change after the Revolution when China began an economic reform movement. 

  1. Must only use five colors directly from the paint tube.

  2. Must use assigned wooden skateboard deck.

what i learned

Process of creating color studies, tonal studies, mind maps, and mood boards. Utilized fundamental elements of design such as balance, unity, repetition, and contrast

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