time-based instruction:

how to juggle.


  • Must be 60 seconds or less in length

  • Must be 1024 x 768 pixels in size (horizontal)

  • May NOT include voice narration or text

  • May NOT be edited digitally, other than splicing clips together (we cannot add sound separately; must be recorded in original shooting).


Create a 60-second video instructing viewers on how to perform a task focusing on video composition, environment, lighting, pacing, duration, audio, etc. My assigned task was "how to juggle."


How to be a better visual communicator—teaching without words and only gestures and visual cues. I learned how to communicate to the viewer by empathizing with their perceptions of the learning process


Technical skills I learned include cinematography, setting up lighting, creating a film set, and video editing.


And of course, I learned how to juggle!

© 2020 by Maggie Ma.