my house of curiosities.

SYSTEMS (2020)


Understand my macro and micro role in the context of a world of multiple systems, and how that impacts and shapes my attitudes and behaviors. 


Analyzing myself as a system through five lenses—artistic, cultural, financial, gender, and emotional. Using tangible objects to explore the intangible values, traditions, and habits that my objects constitute. 


As a visual representation of myself as a system, I created a dollhouse in which each room of the house represents the transition between a public identity to a more private one. The items located in my bedroom (a personal location) hold sentimental and nostalgic value, while the items located in the living room (a more public location for gatherings and group events) represent my extracurriculars of artistic expression (which require introspection, but is simultaneously observed and enjoyed by the public). 

As I was analyzing the significance behind each object, I thought of stories and memories from my childhood. My most personal lens of analysis, the emotional lens, consists of objects of sentimentality that remind me of the innocent contentment of childhood, and I wanted to bring that spirit of naivety and playfulness into my document visually through the colors and ornamentation on the house. 

© 2020 by Maggie Ma.